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Celebrate National Banana Split Day


August 26-th is the National Banana Split Day! This decadent dessert has been around since the 1900s. The banana split is a variation of the traditional ice cream sundae. It is usually served in a special dish called a banana boat. To celebrate the banana split day, Justine’s OC will give you $1.00 OFF for …Continue reading

Friends of Justine’s


Do you have your FRIENDS OF JUSTINE’S card? We offer a card that allows you to receive one of our delicious Sundaes or Shakes FREE after you purchase 10 of either.  This is perfect for large families or groups who visit OC  and great for residents and locals!  If you don’t have yours, just ask …Continue reading

Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day from Justine’s OC!!! Hope everybody had a great holiday weekend! We definitely had a lot of fun! Take advantage of our holiday discount-  $ 1.00 OFF for each shake or sundae purchased at Justine’s til 5 pm! Don’t forget to ask for your “Friends of Justine’s” Reward Card. Happy Labor Day!!! What …Continue reading

Weekend Discount


To make your 4th of July weekend even better, we have a little gift for all of you! This weekend Justine’s OC offers $ 1.00 OFF discount for all sundaes and shakes til 5pm. You can select any kind and size of sundae, banana split, bucket or a milk shake and you will get you …Continue reading

Homemade Fudge Sale- buy 1 lbs get 1/2 lbs FREE

homemade fudge

Did you  you know that fudge is a relatively recent invention? Fudge is a drier version of fondant ( an icing of sugar syrup and glucose, water and cream of tartar), made by boiling sugar in milk to the soft-ball stage and then beating the mixture while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, …Continue reading

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