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Ice Cream

Premium Ice Cream- High Quality Standard

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Justine’s has proudly served JACK & JILL  for over a quarter of a century!  JACK & JILL is a premium ice cream that has been made in Philadelphia since 1929. The product has a 12% butterfat content which qualifies it as PREMIUM ice cream. It is in the same category as Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs. The ice cream is unique with its richness, creaminess and smoothness. Our ice cream is  made exclusively for high end ice cream parlours and it is not offered nationally in any grocery stores.

When ‘Chocolatier’ magazine named Justine’s one of the “Top 10 Shops” in the United States, we were the ONLY shop offering premium product that was not in-house hand made. We have and always will proudly serve JACK & JILL ICE CREAM.

About Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill Company was founded by Max Schwarz in 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Schwarz sold ice cream he carried through the streets of Philadelphia. In 1936, the company purchased its first truck for selling . In addition to trucks, the company also sells to restaurants and catering services, in stores, and in vending machines. Its market area includes Philadelphia as well as Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia.

At Jack & Jill Ice Cream D.S.D. we strive to bring our customers the best selection. We are constantly looking for new flavors and product innovations that will satisfy consumer demand and interest.

Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company