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National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

Happy National Rocky Road Day!!!

Rocky road ice cream is chocolate ice cream mixed with nuts and marshmallows. Originally  walnuts were used to represent the “rocks” in the road, but later on they were replaced by toasted almonds. The Rocky Road that you will find at Justine’s OC has higher butter fat content and a lot of smooth marshmallow swirl, and each almond nut is covered with chocolate glaze.

rocky road ice cream

Rocky Road was created in Oakland, California.The year was 1929. In March William Dreyer’s decided to add marshmallow and walnuts to his chocolate ice cream base. The flavor did not reach the market til late October, because of the rough economy changes in the country.

There are many variations of the ice cream flavor. In England, cherries and raisins are common additions to rocky road. In Australia a thick spread of jam is added to it. In the United States, rocky road can be found in many forms, including with chip pieces.

According to a study about what a person’s favorite ice cream flavor says about their personality, people who prefer Rocky Road are supposedly “more likely to be aggressive, engaging and good listeners.”

According the National Food Holiday Calendar June 2nd is considered to be the Official Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.

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