123rd Str & 12207A Coastal Highway,Ocean City,MD
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Are you ready for CRUISER’S WEEK OC, 2014

On May 15-16-17-18, 2014 Ocean City Maryland will host one of the largest car shows on the East Coast!  More than 3,500 Hot Rods, Custom and Classic Cars and Trick Trucks will be jammin the streets of Ocean City during this four day long spectacular and beautiful car event!  If you have never been, you owe it to yourself to see the majesty of these classic “automobiles”.

Actually the original owner of “Ice Cream Castle” (now JUSTINE’S ICE CREAM PARLOUR) started this whole event 24 YEARS AGO in the parking lot we share with HOOTERS!  Our huge parking lot at 123rd St and Coastal Highway will be packed with these beauties.  And there is No Charge to get in and walk around up here!  Come by for any of Justine’s premium Old Fashioned Ice Cream treats and see the rods.  Just don’t drool on em!    We are located in front of the 123rd St Hooters, and both establishments host here and give away Awards and Trophy’s (like the People’s Choice where you get to vote for your favorites!).



And Cody is making JUSTINE’S OUTRAGEOUS HOMEMADE FUDGE from his Bulgarian Grandmother’s prized recipes on premise for the event!!!  First of the Season!  And if you have never tried it, our fudge is made fresh with REAL BUTTER and CREAM!!!   Of course it is!!!  Granma wouldn’t have it any other way!  Our flavors include CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE PECAN, VANILLA, PEANUT BUTTER, CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER, CHOCOLATE M&M’S, CHOCOLATE REESES PIECES, PEANUT BUTTER EXPLOSION(!)  and VANILLA PRETZEL PECAN CARAMEL(!)

“Try theirs…and go home with JUSTINE’S HOMEMADE FUDGE!!!”

The best gift from your OCEAN CITY VACATION!


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