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Justine’s Last Day for 2014


Justine’s hibernates for the winter All of us at Justine’s want to thank you for making our first year in Ocean City,MD an amazing experience! We had a great second summer and we cannot wait till next season. Be prepared, because we are coming with many, many surprises! Thank you for your positive reviews on …Continue reading

Justine’s Welcomes Delmarva’s Bike Week 2014 Fest


This weekend is off to a roar with BIKE WEEK 2014! Thousands of bikers are soaring and roaring up Coastal Highway for one of the biggest event of the Season! It is an amazing event to see! We had amazing time last year. We are glad to be part of it this year. We have …Continue reading

Justine’s OC Challenges Dumser’s, King Kone and Justine’s St Michaels


Today, Sunday September 7, Justine’s Ocean City did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. General Manager Tom Quimby announces our fearless employees- Maria, Vitalie from Moldova, Andrei from Romania, and Cody from Bulgaria who gladly douse themselves on a cool September Ocean City dusk. Justine’s OC challenges Dumser’s, King Kone and Justine’s St Michaels to send their best to …Continue reading

National Coffee Ice Cream Day

coffee ice cream

If you are a coffee lover and love of ice cream, than today is your lucky day!  Today is  National Coffee Ice Cream Day. It maybe surprise for many of you, but coffee ice cream has been around for many years.  In 1869, coffee ice cream was used in parfait.The recipe appeared in a 1919 …Continue reading



Labor Day is here!!!  It seemed like it took forever for Summer to get here and now like lightening the Season is winding down.  Kathy, Tom, Cody and the Ocean City Staff of Maria (2nd year returnee and Manager on Duty when we are not here) from Moldova, Vitalie and Doina also from Moldova, Andrei …Continue reading

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