Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour, in the newly renovated 123rd Street Uptown Shopping Center, once again welcomes Cruisers for what promises to be a spectacular weekend, with weather in the mid 80’s and breezy. What more could anyone ask for! And the Cruisers are already roaring and soaring into town. And what incredible beauties they are! Among the first to arrive on Wednesday were John and Tammy Etzel from Manchester MD in their beautiful ’75 Inca gold Plymouth Duster. What makes this car so special, besides it’s obvious beauty, is that John and Tammy decided to let their baby turn over 100,000 miles in front of Justine’s!!!



And what is significant to John and Tammy, Justine’s and the Uptown Shopping Center is that the entire Cruiser’s Weekend was started in 1990 by Tony Battista, son of the original Ice Cream Castle owner’s at this location on 123rd St and beautiful Coastal Highway!!! Many Cruiser’s know this…many don’t! Tony got a bunch of his buddies together and decided to make it an event for Cruisers and history was made. Apparently that first year there were about 80 cars that gathered in here to celebrate these magnificent Classic Automobiles. How things have changed! Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour in St. Michaels, MD (our parent company now owned by Kathy Lash and still operating 30 years later)purchased Ice Cream Castle in Ocean City 5 years ago and happily and proudly continues the great tradition of Cruisers in the Spring and Fall!

Tom and Cody, now Owners of Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour, once again happily and proudly welcome Cruisers 2018. Enjoy this spectacular “Endless Summer” weekend! Be Safe! Have Fun!

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