Chocolate-Egg-Cream-beveragesAt Justine’s Oc you will find a selection of hot and cold drink. We offer Coca Cola products. We highly recommend to try our refreshing New York Egg Cream (made the old-fashioned way) and in-house made Lemonade.

Beverage Menu


Coke / Diet Coke, Sprite,Root Beer, Custom Made *

small (12oz) | medium (16oz) | large (24oz)

*any of our 18 syrup flavors

New York Egg Cream(What is it?)

Chocolate or Vanilla (made with original New York Delicatessen Foxy’s Chocolate or Vanilla Syrup )


small (12 oz) | large (16 oz)

Italian Espresso (Lavazza )

single shot | double shot

Iced/ Hot Tea

Hot Chocolate

Seasonal drink made with milk and hot fudge

What is Egg Cream?

An egg cream is a beverage consisting of milk, and soda water as well as vanilla or chocolate syrup, and is especially associated with Brooklyn, home of its alleged inventor, late 19th-century candy store owner Louis Auster. Most modern versions of the drink contain neither eggs nor cream.

The egg cream is almost exclusively a fountain drink. Although there have been several attempts to bottle it, none has been wholly successful, as its fresh taste and characteristic head require mixing of the ingredients just before drinking.