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Homemade Fudge made with quality ingredients

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

What is a beautiful summer and a visit to Ocean City, MD without having fudge? Stop by Justine’s OC and try some of our delicious homemade fudge! It is  made with high quality ingredients! We use ONLY real CREAM and Butter!  Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour is located on 123rd Street and 12207A Coastal Highway. Please …Continue reading

Homemade Fudge Sale- buy 1 lbs get 1/2 lbs FREE

homemade fudge

Did you  you know that fudge is a relatively recent invention? Fudge is a drier version of fondant ( an icing of sugar syrup and glucose, water and cream of tartar), made by boiling sugar in milk to the soft-ball stage and then beating the mixture while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, …Continue reading