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Justine’s People’s Choice Awards- 3rd place


People’s Choice Awards: 3rd Place We are happy to present this amazing rod, which took the prestigious 3nd in People’s Choice Awards.Congrats!

People’s Choice Awards


Who won Justine’s Awards? On Saturday, people voted for the best Street Rods in this year event. Justine’s awarded the best 7 rods with People’s Choice award. Next day we took pictures of the winners for the Cruiser’s Album.  

Cruisers 2013 -The first wave of Rods is here


Welcome Cruisers! We are happy to welcome our first guests! We had the chance to speak with some of cruisers. They are very nice and friendly. The Streets Rods look amazing! We shared few pictures for you. We are really happy to e part of that great event!

Welcome, Cruisers 2013!


Justine’s proudly welcomes Cruisers 2013! In our first year,we are happy to be part of  the Cruisers Week. Our friendlies staff is ready to serve you and provide the best experience during the event. We will continue the tradition,started by the fonder of Ice Cream Castle, and award the bes 6th t Rods in OC! …Continue reading

Justine’s At the Beach The Best Ice Cream in Ocean City, MD

The Best Ice Cream in Ocean City, MD! Are you looking for the Best Ice Cream in Ocean City, MD ?We are happy to break the news: Today May 4th, 2013  at 12:00 pm, Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour opened doors in Ocean City, MD! You will find our second location at 12207A Coastal Highway (123rd …Continue reading

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