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September, 2015

Delmarva Bike Week -15th ANNIVERSARY

bike week 2015

Welcome, Bikers!!! This weekend is off to a roar with BIKE WEEK 2015. This year is the 15th Anniversary of the one of the biggest Delmarva Event. Thousands of bikers are soaring and roaring up Coastal Highway. If you are interested in the event and the schedules during this week please check the official website. …Continue reading

Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day from Justine’s OC!!! Hope everybody had a great holiday weekend! We definitely had a lot of fun! Take advantage of our holiday discount-  $ 1.00 OFF for each shake or sundae purchased at Justine’s til 5 pm! Don’t forget to ask for your “Friends of Justine’s” Reward Card. Happy Labor Day!!! What …Continue reading